It must be discharged when the male is aroused and what?

Emergence, hidden, visible, the human body, information, for and about inaccuracies and how normal scroll. For example common cold, infections, or otitis is a disease that clearly informs the emergence of liquid. Reproductive system, within the human body is much more difficult than you might think. Discharge in men when it is stimulated, its May report normal health status, or vice versa, the signal in the development of the disease.

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It must be discharge, during sexual arousal in men?

The emergence of males, the mucus of the urethra in some cases natural and necessary process. An erection occurs when the discharge amount of visible a few drops of it transparent. Wear a title, pre-seminal fluid, similar physiological events it's perfectly normal.

The mucus the male body and completely dependent properties must meet specific properties for separation, considered to be the norm. In particular, it shouldn't be, extreme density, color, special fragrance.

It was revealed that leading erection hidden dangers:

  • Masturbation;
  • Sexy sex partner;
  • Sincerity of thought.

The frequency of these events depends on the reproductive system. Some men faced with secretions Institute each others, watching them is extremely rare.

Terms health care professionals, the presence of exudates stimulate sexual arousal while pregnant – that plays a role additional for the Explorer, the sperm in the process eggs, achievements, and lowers the level of acidity in the woman's vagina no sperm. Accordingly, discharge of child-bearing organ active during pregnancy male reproductive system and accepted mechanism.

Why is this happening?

The doctors until the end the reason it's not flowing liquid, sexual organs, however proven, separation, lubrication, arousal in men are encouraged during the affi exit of Head child-bearing folds without organ damage and injuries. To carefully observe the intimate hygiene, free fluid – the perfect environment for the growth of bacteria.

Importantly, long-term abstinence provokes significantly more abundant discharge becomes thick and cloudy and the composition is secret. You need to keep an eye on, and showed no change in the color, veins, blood, bad smell. Some experts, because liquid is getting to travel to view the sights of preparing the body of a woman.

Pathologic discharge may occur for a variety of reasons:

  • Improper diet, in particular, use minus, acute, pickles;
  • Provoke disease the bacteria that cause the inflammatory process;
  • Sexually transmitted disease;
  • Migrated operation accompanied with complications or injury;
  • Oncologic pathology.

Various secretions

Normal secretions along with various additional signs are valid for the record.

However, the accompanying factors would be a strange odor, itching, fever, pain, groin, or penis, then this objection concern and urologist.

Normal with any juices

The secret of nature is considered absolutely normal and natural and manufactured 3 types of.

They are called:

  • Libidinal urethrogram. Lubricating properties which are hidden. That looks like a transparent viscous liquid, odorless. Small amounts of visible, does not cause discomfort. In the composition a small amount of sperm, however, unprotected sex pregnancy partner you may experience;
  • Sigma. A secret whitish, sometimes yellowish color, usually smells bad. Glands under the foreskin in fluid selection is provided. Pathology shows his view, but he's offering the rules of negligence, personal hygiene;
  • Fri. White liquid the consistency of mucous. The explosion occurs in the period of the urethra orgasm. Contains a high proportion, and the secretion of sperm.
In men discharge

Discharge, contains mucus

Testify often if you are having sexually transmitted diseases. In these cases, when a secret has high viscosity, but preserves transparency, a large probability of the state languages of the diseases:

  • Ureaplasmosis;
  • Mycoplasmosis;
  • Chlamydia.

Leukocyte and blood tests to confirm the existence of the disease are also at a high level.

Branch light with striped parity milk slimy purulent disease such as:

  • Chlamydia;
  • Trichomoniasis;
  • Ureaplasmosis

Liquid allocation and data pathologies in a quiet situation, then sticks, glans penis, and it dries.

Purulent discharge

Witness gonorrhea. Gushing liquid becomes yellow with a greenish tint and an unpleasant odor. The consistency is thick and sticky. In the analysis to detect hidden leukocyte significantly.

Inflammation of choice

Inflammatory diseases, the plague of changing the composition is called:

  • Staph;
  • E. coli;
  • The fungus candida;
  • Streptococcus.

Does not happen when-gonorrhea urethritis– inflammation of the urethral canal, free fluid is characterized by:

  • Tack;
  • The presence of mucus;
  • Purulent content.

Accompanying pain, feeling uncomfortable, itching.

Disease circumcision balanoposthitis characteristic and abundant discharge, purulent containing a lot of content. Redness, swelling, severe pain.

Specific urethra infection or pus is mixed with mucus secretion. Additional symptoms – pain, decreased erectile function, urinary bladder emptying.

To determine, candidiasis, depicted in a photo is enough to learn characteristic of a mystery to her. Curd has a consistency that, in this form, the mushrooms, accompanied by redness of the glans penis, itching intolerable.

Discharge with blood

The blood contains the secret that most requires attention. Shows similar symptoms:

  • Infectious diseases, especially chronic infectious urethritis character;
  • Urethral injury during medical manipulation channel;
  • Excretion, sand and kidney stones, blood in urine, to a large extent;
  • Malignant formations in the area of the prostate gland, the ovaries, the sexual organ. In this case, the selection that contains blood or dark brown, often taking the form clots.

Reject the Norm?

A definite symptom of pathology that the presence of mucus, pus, color changing, fish or a sour smell, sticky, or blur.

Properties of the norm:

  • Average consistency;
  • Transparency;
  • There's no smell.

The hidden influence of this disease on the quality:

  • Long-term abstinence;
  • Diet;
  • A weak immune system;
  • A life and an amount of stress.

For small changes, color and consistency it is important to analyze:

  • Your own sex life, the presence or absence of random and unprotected relations;
  • Protective factors contributing to reduce body functions;
  • Familiar menu of possible changes;
  • Presence of concomitant diseases.

Do you need a doctor?

Glamorous uncharacteristic for men requires a visit to a doctor immediately is a mystery. Any changes, structure, and color liquid requires a survey of factors in order to determine similar violations.

This diagnostic activities includes:

  • Side;
  • A swab urethral channel;
  • Ultrasound of the urogenital system organs;
  • The urine of the fence count;
  • In a clinical study blood.

According to the results of pathological diagnosis is assigned therapy due to the underlying disease the emergence of the output schema. Leads to deterioration of similar symptoms to ignore, and migration offers the chronic form of the disease difficult by the taxpayer can be treated. Allow time to visit a urologist immediately cope with the disease and to maintain health for a long time.