Drugs to increase potency why men side effects

This article is about the safest of drugs to increase potency for men without the side effects.

To start the analysis, their main types.

Any kind of medication when it comes to your own unit

Enhancer pills for men

PDE 5 inhibitors

Pde type 5 inhibitors (Pde - initiative "phosphodiesterase"). An intimate product for the type of increased hyperemia of the organ. This tour is not recommended for fatty foods, along with the second hand, otherwise you may not get the desired result. Activate PDE 5 sexual ability. With fast effects on the body. Significantly extends the intimate process. Increases the intake of the Blood Knight honor, and at what cost the erection lasts longer and reinforced. Enters, the action for an hour , it's time to accept. Admission is only 1 pill with liquid.

HELL with those issues is contraindicated (hypotension and hypertension, severe pathology of the heart and vascular system diseases, kidney disease is in advanced stages of leakage, stroke and heart attack. An overdose are dizziness, nausea, sudden jumps , the pressure in the nasopharynx swelling, temporary blurred vision.

Drugs activated NO-synthase

Fewer side effects group, on the contrary, PDE-5, no raises, pressure, and does not affect the functioning of the human heart. Their essence relaxes muscles, human, improving blood flow and at what cost a honorable knight and his hardness.

  • Alpha-antagonists adrenoreseptor. The formation to reduce spasm in the arteries and blood vessels, it expands them in a much more friendly area at the expense of what a weapon of war state that Knight be placed in easy reach.
  • Produce the testosterone. The assigned doctor, a lack of testosterone and low level should be tested after passing Knight.
  • Diet supplements. This group stands for "dietary supplements", has no harmful secondary effects take place. That will positively affect an ailing organ. These natural herbal medicines to increase male potency usually origin.
  • Prostaglandin E synthase ("prostaglandin" - article, more hormones and prostate cancer). If you are not entered, the safest way of using injection molding, and because really a recommended practice.
  • Natural components. Products that may contain components such as such as composition, deer antlers extract, ginseng extract, damiana leaf, and other adaptogens to strengthen as a result of normal body stress and then, it often adverse conditions.
Powder power

As you know, is an intimate and filled with plenty of blood more body, firmer and harder erections you will have. Endurance will keep you going a while longer here and joyful state of war.

Why problems strong sex in bed

  • no continuous sexual partners, no long-term relationship and withdrawal;
  • work sitting down, reluctance, sports;
  • initiated excess weight, presence, pub belly, low testosterone;
  • the problem is, the circulatory system and blood circulation;
  • hormonal crashes;
  • crisis, family relationships, coldness;
  • chronic stress and major depression, daily living, insomnia;
  • the presence of injury, back or waist;
  • a reproductive system disease or an infection (prostatitis and other).

Medication adherence requires increased potency in men, morale and teaching practice. Think of them as detailed.

Powder power

  • The first day is considered the dust action in a clearly visible way. Used for impotence, low libido, early seed-explosion drifting and burning with infertility. Normalizes blood circulation in the pelvis and male honor, why rises of his resistance. Liberating a guy, confidence increases endurance up to him.
  • Contains L - arginine, responsible, testosterone and insulin recovers machinability characteristics and reproductive system. Together, extract yohimbe for women that enhances libido. That can be used natural aphrodisiac.
  • The drug is accepted, a solution of warm drinking water minutes 40 visits to the city's sights before you, 1 teaspoon three times a day. Every day for a month to get to avoid.
  • The advantages that are produced from natural - based sleep normalizes. Accept no adverse effects and contraindications.

Drug for male power

  • It is done, herbal aphrodisiacs. Useful for healing and stimulation of sexual activity, strong floor opportunity in bed. Communication you sincere, bright, emotional, sensual libido. Proper Gentlemen in any age group.
  • The combination of toxic substances is considered as one root of ginger, the health system strengthening direct effects, sexual, erection and physical properties.
  • Al tablet once a day. For men's health, specifically working with a pair of acceptable. Course of treatment – 1.5 months. After the break is a treatment that can be repeated within 14 days.
  • Acceptable at any age. Regard is made in all-natural components, Allergy and addiction.


  • Additional advice, erectile dysfunction, age, a decreased libido, as well as more Gentlemen, the seed produced to small amounts of. Recovers mating erection makes it brighter, obstacles, beat attack missed.
  • Of natural components. Extract is considered as the active ingredient , ginseng, improvement metabolic processes. Second, which is the active ingredient "ginkgo biloba". His task – stabilization of blood circulation in small pelvis and in the groin area in general.
  • Soft, long-lasting result it is recommended to get a capsule twice a day. The desired changes occur over 6 weeks after considered. Consumed food and drinking water.
  • Can cost depending on the package until 2600 10500 rubles.

Potency in men drugs for treatment do not exceed the dose about what you need to always remember, the normal intake during. Used in time to improve the sincerity of vacuum pump, ring, erection.

Vacuum pump

Durability and extend the male organ of the state calculated something for them.

Divide their type 2 , depending on Create a vacuum:

  1. Made using water vacuum.
  2. Through the air with a vacuum.

In essence what creates a area around his genitals by wearing her pump pressure and vacuum tide strengthens blood dignity.

The ring for the erection

Such rings, rubber, metal or any other material.

In essence ring:

  • Their role is to connect anymore sincere organ tight beam, thereby barrier drain blood.
  • This helps prevent a state that is struggling to maintain body and longer finish.

They're wearing this ring:

  1. the benefits of any base;
  2. any base and bragging;
  3. or just the balls.

Contraindicated to wear more than a half hour, otherwise just to help not to hurt yourself.

Cock rings

Which group dangerous to mix drugs

It is forbidden to use phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors, a group at the same time with nitrate.

This threat, more health

This is why when buying a sudden expansion vessels 2 band → that occurs after a sudden drop in blood pressure → all together can lead to a very dangerous life really is deadly.

Roughly speaking, such a dangerous mixture of blood-brain down there because of large vessels, immediately lose consciousness, and in the end you could end up very sad. Here we have the power to be disassembled and essential medicines. We should not forget what else?

Popular technology is a great opportunity for apply in bed

  1. In the morning a compression of the PC muscle in the morning begging to sex organ war, so the upgraded case. Lasting erections and increase the habit of every day in the summer morning load. Here we have a particularly self-movement, the basic operation performs internal PC Nov. What method to swell faster than the weapon at the right time.
  2. Positions of importance. It is to be from above or steep, not behind. For those struggling with a problem with a government body, in a position while lying on your back with maximum power output at the expense of the dignity, the hardness disappears faster. Remember, this is about.
  3. The finish line procrastination techniques to extend the fun along. Do not allow this, do fast very fast do not allow the slightest stress on the body respiratory a relationship with at least your contact tel women (this doesn't happen, go to hell excitation). Saving seeds if you still have a lot of power for the property and partner with a new session again. To prevent the liquid especially with age.
  4. Bell massage that are useful for the good of testosterone secretion in the body the energy to occur. You know it in favor of a base among the advantages of massage in the field of balloons, you will find and stimulating points. And in these cases, the motion finish during intercourse, there are massage.
  5. At the bottom easy. Hard Coke in the bottom of the organ will not allow you to lose an erection, for example, when you put on a birth or take a break. In this way, hardness has not disappeared.

How to apply diet does not prevent

Useful cooking power for men:

  1. Seafood: shrimp, anchovies, shrimp, crab.
  2. Fish in the sea: salmon, salmon, halibut, Keta, rainbow trout.
  3. Fruits: orange, lemon, avocado, peach, banana, mango, pomegranate.
  4. Vegetables: cabbage, zucchini, carrots, tomatoes, beets, garlic.
  5. Dairy: sour cream, cottage cheese, yogurt and kefir.
  6. Sunflower seeds: pumpkin, sesame, pumpkin, sunflower.
  7. Teas: mate, sea buckthorn, ginger, Yesil.
  8. Eggs: chicken (just the raw), or quail.
  9. Strawberry: strawberry, strawberry. This is also Mighty products for males.
  10. Additional products: olives, beekeeping products, legumes, almond paste, celery and other Yesil.

The following exercise for the prevention and treatment

  • Boat. Sleep, stomach, face down on the floor. And at the same time, starting to reach forward with your hands and feet back in the opposite direction he took them gently upwards. You know, with friends a few seconds and then released. A few repetitions like that.
  • The fifth of the boat at one point. Boarded floor, foot, and begins to walk forward, hips forward and back. Instead of the usual hips trust you completely stop, that's all.
  • Press the hips and swing necessarily. If they have been better trained - this is what it says, what's very talented in bed. These muscles is a great opportunity for bed. Educating traditional hip squats, every day. And the press, for example, rocking: elongated fastening on his back leaning forward, raise one leg and neglect the rotating casing.
  • To warp eight Basin. To do this, different planes, only one horizontal. I remember finding new angles in eight different movements. During mating itself, because they are useful to a large extent, the motion is similar.
  • Bike. When it is done, for example, only in the morning I woke lying on my back pedal a bike fast invisible starts to rotate. A spin kick with a frequency that is suitable for yourself.
  • We're running as frequently as possible! The blood just running good overclocking pelvis, groin. Then the next day a full-fledged run in the morning you will notice a change with yourself.