Men potency stimulants: natural and synthetic

The strong half of humanity is extremely important to a full sexual life. Unfortunately, everyday makeup, poor diet, a stressful situation often leave a trail of male power is directly related to the listed factors. Power can occur at any age. These types of problems no one is immune.

  • External factors that influence male potency
  • Internal factors affecting male potency
  • Stimulants potency, herbal components
  • Power synthetic stimulants
  • Natural stimulants power

Male genitalia usually in men the slightest malfunction causing panic. They immediately once you start looking for, an opportunity to bring back the lost potential. This explains the strength of the stimulating effect of widely all kinds. Someone is using them constantly, but there are many, I have only a vague idea about them.

External factors that influence male potency

A group of factors that affect the power on. Between external factors such as amenities:

  • Environmental health. Adverse environmental conditions (dirty water and air, high background radiation) has a significant effect on physical health. Damage is applied along the male body, including pain, erectile dysfunction, fertility is impaired.
  • A professional factor. Harmful working conditions, for example, the presence of dangerous fumes or dusty room. Non-compliance, the security measures also can damage men's health.
  • Sedentary lifestyle. When it is insufficient, motor activity interrupted the flow of pelvic blood. As a result, a visible breach of the texture and functionality of sexual organs.
  • Trauma. As a result of surgical intervention after injury, including the sexual organs, the male may lose some features because of physical defect or hormonal imbalance.
  • Male potency stimulants
  • Food addiction. Proper nutrition plays an important role high-quality power. Fill you want, energy resources, food is fuel for the body, synthesis of sex hormones. Education is required for androgen cholesterol, so animal fat. A boy or a monitor without enough body fat. At least 30% should be fat, diet for men the body because of continual synthesis of steroid hormones. Lack of cholesterol leads to weakness of the body, and low power. Important consumed foods rich in zinc and phosphorus because they are the stimulating effect of natural strength.
  • Stress. Chronic stress and depression that affects power. Provided mental tension, the male loses interest in lifestyle, as a result, the problem in the bed. Along with physical and psychological exhaustion, continuous lack of sleep, the body consumes the reserves, so no man, he feels the desire sexual contact with a woman, Soner urge, durability, quality potency falls.
  • Tobacco use, alcohol products, drug addiction. All of the power applied to a concrete harm to harmful habits.

Internal factors affecting male potency

  • Disease, urogenital system, inflammatory or with an organic character. Nonspecific inflammatory process attributed to them, and at the same time, infectious diseases, sexually transmitted diseases. Any inflammatory process is impaired organ function, in our case, pain in the penis. Any congenital defect can be differentiated from organic diseases between genetic divergence, cancer pathology, the sexual organs themselves and the surrounding a suitable place. Hypertrophy of the prostate gland and urethra and interrupted flow of urine and cum. If not a secret, and accumulate prostate is emptied, a full serious complications.
  • Diseases of the endocrine system. The proper ratio of male and female sex hormones that leads to infringement of a decrease in sexual activity. The development of the male reproductive system, hormonal imbalance, violation of right. Such endocrine disorders, diabetes affects blood vessels and Broken Blood Micro-pelvic organs. Glycosylation of nerve fibers loss sensitivity penis.
  • Bodily diseases. Heart failure and other cardiovascular diseases accompanied by impaired blood circulation causes of potency. Corruption is one of the symptoms, atherosclerosis, aortic such as sexual impotence once. Stroke and stroke, might be corrupted due to various reasons as impotence.
Stimulants potency, herbal components

Stimulants potency, herbal components

Pharmacy Buy the most popular stimulant potency diet supplements. Most of the time, this is a natural homeopathic or herbal medicine framework. This drug coping tools quite successfully the problems with potency, however, it is recommended to use them after consulting a doctor. A suitable drug that will help the expert to select between a variety.

It should be noted that the main mass of action for dietary supplements, only on a short-term increased potency, but the erection is not possible to eliminate the root cause bad. Similar stimulants let's Power Up, improve the quality of sex significantly increased a feeling man. To apply them boldly for a long time, doesn't make them addictive.

Effect stimulants of natural origin based on strengthening the circulation of blood in the sexual organ, is dependent on the potency. The preparations can be found on pharmacy shelves, the courses have to be taken, consumed just before sexual intimacy.

Power synthetic stimulants

This type of acceptance before stimulants sexual intimacy and influence that is kept in the hands of another time period. A man that has shown experiments is used for this drug without sexual stimulation, it is possible to obtain the desired effect.

Regarding the topic, there are contraindications synthetic stimulants, the doctor who treated them, you must apply by appointment only. Men with cardiovascular pathologies and diabetes Viagra recommended import. The side effects of the drug manifested in the form of head or back pain, dizziness, nausea.

Natural stimulants power


Power a good fit for stimulation of a particular food. It contains beneficial ingredients that a positive effect on erectile function. The name of such products aphrodisiac. Since ancient times, people have used without any success, gifts, nature is to strengthen sexual power. Beautiful, has a stimulating influence on the following products:

  • Nuts. It contains several important trace elements and vitamins. Nuts of all kinds are considering how a natural aphrodisiac. The most effective almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts and peanuts. Along with honey, to bring more benefits.
  • Sea. High zinc content-element-in-charge testosterone synthesis. Man, you don't need to forget to strengthen the power of oysters, shrimp, crab, lobster, mussels.
  • Meat. Meat products provides the body with proteins required for the erection strengthen. It is not recommended to consume fat meat. Beef and Turkey which will be useful.
  • Plant-based foods. A positive effect possible on some fruits and vegetables, potency and sex drive. Male power for the recognized leaders for celery, parsley, coriander, onions, figs, garlic.