Potency: 5 factors adversely affecting male power

Excited opportunity for men to maintain sexual intercourse and cum until the end, because power is affected by many factors — a very fine thing. Some representatives of the stronger sex in Old Age remains relevant from an intimate perspective, some people at a younger age, sexual content, contacts twice a week and think about it, this is quite acceptable. What weakens the "male power" and adverse effects are you sexually active?


Excess weight provokes the problems with potency

And it's not a deal, just purely the physical challenges, though, excess weight and creates a barrier to normal activity and their position change, and this is a great value, a quality sexual relationship. Men body fat level of female hormones, estrogen increases, but the concentration of testosterone, a gain accelerates, Nov, responsible, physical strength and endurance, and most importantly it determines the degree of desire and ability, physical proximity, falling. So are you the type of male women fattening and growing belly and chest, shoulders and smaller hips.

And a man of genius, not so lack confidence in themselves, ignoring the internal hormonal process with your own body is not possible. Insert here yet shortness of breath, sweating, irregular heart risk of heart attack and stroke — and consists of a picture and depressing. Therefore, those are the ones as the problems with potency, due to excess weight, to think logically, feeding him, and more life.

Carbonated drinks, soy beans, and popcorn — how it affects male aphrodisiac?


Apparently, dangers lurk in all of us eating, sugary sodas, we already are aware of. And enamel they have, and wash the bones of calcium, as well as a number of provoke lose excess weight, but very few people know why they are bromine and strength in the body, which causes accumulation and in the future infertility. So does anyone have a picture looks like this, iris, used to reduce the number of values, carbonated drinks, natural juices and leaving them in favor of fruits and vegetables.

Spermatogenesis sperm production by inhibiting the same the direct effects of soy. The whole point of what they contain isoflavones, estrogen and female sex hormones similar in structure and action. Excess weight only strengthen the negative effects of drinking-based products, soy. But pump body-builders shape not complain, no rest, not before time. Nov most development to get steroids, and usually unknowingly, for the sake of saving obtained low quality, or soy products. With him and in men that suffers as a result potency and self-esteem.

When popcorn, this is a harmless sweetness, a love feast, packages are placed in amateur Cinema, Film-coated non-stick chemicals they had to oil. Accumulation in the body cause problems with potency, infertility and testicular cancer. Therefore, go to a movie with a girl I love more than a delicious dessert, prepare yourself, or I'll change it fries also very tasty and is good for health. What else can affect the "male power"? Zinc deficiency in the body. If it's not I don't like seafood, nuts, eat, drink, in love with cocoa and sesame seeds, and pumpkin seed bread, review their taste preferences.

Zinc — this trace element in Male the seed of a literal control study, endocrine and reproductive systems. It stimulates the prostate gland to produce testosterone improves erectile function, ejaculation and conception opportunity. So for anyone who wants a good strength, and value a portion of the diet to increase zinc-rich products.

Harmful habits — bad potency the main culprits

Harmful habits

Many smokers and alcohol lovers you can now call Glass-The Passion Of Souls only, and anything else a desire to strengthen and smoked cigarette after sex — then like a breath of fresh air in the heat of summer. But that will always be the case. Cigarette smoke toxic substances accumulate in the body, male, crushing, heat, and all organs and systems the main ingredient, namely, nicotine constrict blood vessels and impairs blood circulation as a negative effect on Erection, and power.

When it comes to alcohol, chest pulls immediately after receiving notice exploits certainly many men — the desire to be active than walking to the city's sights, but when they are mating, just about anything you have to finish what he started to imagine — it's not ejaculation, she's coming, she's coming. Then, the resulting erection problems, and power don't slow down. The negative effects of ethyl alcohol and sperm motility. They are like, but is not ready for fertilization. If you talk about drugs here the situation is even worse because of deterioration of personality and is faster than physical fatigue during such a harmful habit.

Bad sleep? One of the reasons like lack of sleep, sexual weakness

Today's fast-paced lifestyle in the pursuit of humanity for a time leave a trail of to-day modern man. For the win they were looking for more money to provide for their families and most of all the importance necessary for sleep less time, more settling for a good rest. As a result, it increases the risk for heart failure, neurosis, diabetes, etc. It's not an ordinary tiredness in the best way that men in power, at the same time, provokes a lack of sleep increased cortisol production by reducing the concentration of sexual hormones regular.


Clinically proven male, has been apnea or snoring at night, i.e., violations, low quality of sleep, suffer from erectile dysfunction a lot more often than not, everyone complains lack of sleep.

Stress and self-esteem

Issues with potency whatever reason, they always would bring a fear of intimacy, and insecurity is exacerbated by existing things. Instead of pleasure, intimacy, pleasure, have sex to get, male lower abdomen and constantly thinks of the look and litigation, there will be disappointed not to have an erection and an orgasm is parter. It reduces lethargy and no support and enjoyed such a degree again, women, on the contrary, the vastness, or worse, ridicule, what have to forget the power of good.

If you add here, chronic stress, trouble at work, the closest people misunderstanding, then everything is back to normal. The man stands alone, their problem and finds the exit. Therefore, it requires a very thin material men of power such as the mandatory exceptions drop it provoke negative factors.