The best workout to improve impact strength for: shuttle complex qigong

Impaired potency is often faced by men over the age of 50. However, the modern rhythm of life, and a bad environment has led to the violation of sexual function may occur, and at an earlier age. To avoid such problems, doctors, a healthy and active lifestyle, both exercise the power to systematically proposed a doctor who treats.

to exercise the power

Exercise the benefits

No man, regardless of age, is not immune to erectile dysfunction. How will that manifest itself? Him is regarded as a first symptom, decreased sex drive, lack of erection in the morning after waking up, early ejaculation or inability to obtain necessary hardness of the penis for sexual intercourse.

It can be why a situation like this:

  • The process of sluggish in the pelvic area.
  • Harmful habits (smoking, alcohol beverages).
  • Improper diet.
  • Frequently stress.

To strengthen the power of male doctors, exercise on a regular basis. A variety of some of the complexes developed by experts to enhance your workout power. Among these, in which:

  1. Works great and Nov care subject is very important to the normal reproductive system on the work piece.
  2. The power to carry out regular exercise, which increases the synthesis of sperm and male sex hormone responsible for the testosterone that creates the quality of erections.
  3. The hotel's physical education teacher stagnant energy in the pelvic region from the middle of the process of prevention, prostatitis and other urinary system pathologies.
  4. After exercise, the body naturally decreases the level of adrenaline. In this case, the amount of this hormone in the male body time is exceeded, development, emotional tension, always with a negative impact.
  5. Gymnastics helps to improve mood, and only the body of the overall situation. Physical exercise contribute to the production of endorphins.
  6. Making exercise of the power to raise, Nov always possible to achieve relaxation.

But you must remember — that was really effective to increase the potency of exercise, you need to perform them regularly. An ideal man will be the difference of the positive effect already after a few weeks exercise.

On the contrary, the use of a variety of drugs have the power to protect the physical burden on long-term action. Provides power to men about sexual health doctors say daily exercise completely to avoid any problems, regardless of their age.

Daily Gymnastics

Enough to avoid a little exercise to perform every day and the doctors need to visit a different problem with sexual function.

daily Gymnastics

Squats is considered the most effective way of prevention issues, prostate male reproductive system and other organs. However, only you will be able to achieve the maximum effect, who will place them correctly. How to do this:

  • Starting position – standing side spaced a little kick. Hands-down or pull in front and you should look out of socks.
  • The hip muscles a good stretch.
  • Without removing the heel from the ground, down goes up.
  • Down you need to get at least some rest (at least 5 seconds).
  • To climb properly retarded starting position.

You should start each morning with the shuttle 20. This helps prevent prostatitis testosterone in the body improve blood circulation and synthesis.

Effective exercise

Any sexual dysfunction, male consult a doctor. Usually, a doctor-prescribed drug therapy, treatment, folk remedies, impotence and during exercise help back man power. For any kind of exercise that may contain complex prostate and potency. Perform often recommended as:

  1. Kegel Exercises. While doing it in absolutely any position (sitting, lying, standing). Most importantly, these facilities to relax the muscles of your whole body. Gotta alternately compress and weaken the muscles of the perineum strong. This breath, deeply. The team recommended 5 to 10 times. The contribution of such a charge PC Nov. This is the perfect the organs of urogenital system in preventing most problems.
  2. Starting position – standing flat. Works for hands and legs bend slightly to accommodate the belt, the knee. Sharp output with the most advanced movements in the pelvis, then, at first. Then you need to make a little break every 10 transactions, then the exercise is repeated. Just such as you need to do the 5 approaches.
  3. At the location to be squatting, pulling, abdominal muscles, buttocks and try and remove the top by the scrotum and took a deep breath. All you need to breathe and relax the muscles. To do that you must a little break after every 10 breaths. Auxiliary functions such acts the back of the testicles.
  4. Lying on the floor, a hand under the head of the village, the other spoon. Anus straining take your foot as much as possible. As he approaches you need to do 5-10, then swap hands.
  5. Comments no warranty, if developing in a very fast way to perform this exercise to manage the correct male potency. This is performed in the following way: to sit on a chair, high backrest, turning to face him. Basin much more slowly in a circular motion. Don a breath, stretched abdominal muscles and on the exhale, it is necessary to attract heavy anus. Required to do a rotation inhale and exhale.
  6. Up his face, putting his finger to the wall. Without moving your whole body weight from one leg to another. Socks important for you to follow from where we lay. First you need to do is exercise, and 10 with short breaks in between each of the approaches.
  1. Lie on your back, paul stops leaning good. You must have hands throughout the body. As should have the opportunity to raise the pelvis, pause a few seconds in the top spot. Hip Nov This was very hard. Like 10 enough to start climbing. A number of them increase slowly over time before bringing her to 70-100 times, divided in several approaches.
  2. For a good workout that can be called to increase potency with a walk back down flat on the floor and drooping hands. Approach 1 is 30 seconds. This exercise should be repeated later the same holiday.

Yoga to improve the power

power yoga

As noted, male, yoga, hardly ever faced sexual problems. This practice is even recommended some exercises to perform such a diagnosis, such as impotence. To prevent injuries, you are advised to make their first application for a warmup, stretching, Nov. It is important to follow it, do it right:

  • "Plow". Comfortable the muscles of the body to lie down back and relax. Opportunities for you to raise the foot with the waist up. They started a professional to do this work. Initially, this is very bad, but slowly to get it. Hands smooth, comfortable lie throughout the body.
  • "Yay". Lie down located the abdomen the muscles of the body relax. Embrace yourself with your hands, bend your knees and ankles. Correct posture and linger in this position for at least 5 seconds. Slowly, the time should be increased.
  • "Cobra". By collecting lying on her stomach, legs together. Paul withstand palm in the area of the chest. Lift up the upper part of your body, most caved in waist.

Yoga, strengthen the muscles and improve blood circulation as well as to win many of our men don't mind. Therefore, a similar charge to eliminate most problems quickly and avoid them will go to different potency.

Chinese exercise

Known as Chinese medicine with its own methods, with the potential to eliminate many different health problems included males and directed by. Such techniques of qigong.

Similar exercises gives back the power of the missing man. It is recommended to perform them on a regular basis and is pregnant with a baby who is planned to better men. Qigong-based nutrition not only in the body's oxygen.

A gym like this to honor her situation. It is certainly time for physical exercise provided to increase the potency of any other man, at home. I don't need special equipment and exercise him for that. This important room is well-ventilated, and always fresh air. The property complex has a cumulative effect. Preliminary results already after a few weeks after it started, mark male, possible exercise.

Best bedtime or after waking up in the morning the night before doing gymnastics. However, the difference in the effect of exercise to the experts faster, they should be regularly and are always made at the same time.

To choose the clothing do not hinder the free movement. That will be the best natural fabrics. Before eating or drinking classes it's not worth it. But then later charging power for 30-60 minutes a cup of hot herbal tea.

First qigong exercise

Gymnastics is a very important time in a deep breath:

  • Starting position – lying on your back. Throughout the body to extend a hand. Foot — flat.
  • One foot (the first left) of the foot to the ground, kneel down and withstand it.
  • Accent, a, the bent leg and shoulders, gently, to upgrade without a direct right foot, masturbation, this, taking a deep breath.
  • During the rest of the lower leg at a point on a line with both feet.
  • As you exhale, slowly put the foot.
  • Change the position of the foot – bend to the right, hard feet, the floor, and take the left to right.
  • Another leg exercise of the same sequence is repeated.
qigong exercises

The second exercise qigong

Complex qigong on time, you should pay attention to deep breathing:

  1. The starting position is lying on your back with your hands throughout the body. Following the way the legs cross was left.
  2. Most took a deep breath.
  3. Pelvis and back from the place of tears. You must rely on the arms, neck, and the left heel while running evenly distribute the load between them all.
  4. Such a posture of standing for a few seconds and stop.
  5. Half crash during take a breath.
  6. Swap the position of the leg below was right.
  7. To run the exercise again.

The number of repetition is at least 10 times.

A third exercise qigong

Execution sequence:

  1. Lying on her stomach, flat feet and hands.
  2. Paul is slightly below shoulder level palms withstand.
  3. Inspiration to raise your body, pushing easy place. In this case, it is necessary to bend back and pelvic lock in place.
  4. At the highest point of flexing his head to topple prior. To stay in this position for a few seconds.
  5. During the housing slump to exhale slowly.

The number of repetitions of at least 10.

To get started on an exercise, a guy is definitely at any age. The presented exercises helps to improve blood circulation in the pelvic region, the barrier stagnant processes and strengthen the muscles. Your workout every day, a few weeks later the man was already able to notice significant improvements in sexual function.