How to increase in power after 50 years

Maturity at the age of 50, in the meantime, knowledge, skills and abilities. But it's a start to reduce erectile function. The potency of drugs to increase male sexual weakness assigned when symptoms 50 years later.

After 50 power

And again, instead of being caught, increased power, better to avoid reduce. How to do this? Of course, cater to the urologist. This specialty treatment is a major symptom of doctors by eliminating his reasons.

The power is always broken after 50 years?

After 50 years of power, not all the time decreases. A wrong opinion, then apartments coming age birthday celebration. The World Health Organization proposed a classification map for a period of time correspond to the middle age between 45 and 59 years.

Therefore, the claim of power in men over the age of 50, clearly a little, it can't be worse definitely.

List the most common causes of

Taking into account the negative effects of external and internal risk factors provokes sexual dysfunction. Doctors, are not mutually exclusive, it's a psychological problem.

Because of the hormone that is responsible for reproductive system on a workpiece in a stable physiological age is reduced as the level of testosterone.

His failure to assume your doctor prescribed to confirm the diagnosis before treating the problem of dysfunction laboratory or exclude a hypothesis.

And if the cause is alcohol?

In this respect, the main condition – moderation. A good cup of dry red wine at dinner you will have a negative effect.

Failure but excessive alcoholism, obesity, and female pattern, abdominal enlargement, breast (gynecomastia) with concomitant hormonal imbalance. As a result, the impact strength is significantly broken.

Horrible fail

50 years later, psycho-emotional problems-fear fiasco scares the emergence of man. The resulting vicious cycle creates an insurmountable barrier through which everyone can pass.

A psychologist or a sex therapist to help that describes an irrational fear. You can specify during the consultation, all questions, information, such as the right mental attitude raise in power after 50 years.

Unhealthy diet and lack of exercise


Restaurants, fastfood, fast food and a sedentary lifestyle on the beach, contemporary, actively developing a community.

Today with a lot of cooking at home for yourself I refuse to. If the table is not visible in fastfood every day disorders, the body is almost there. But when misused establishes "bad" cholesterol settles in the walls of blood vessels.

Lack of exercise prevents the metabolic processes on the background of malnutrition, decomposition products from the body.

In men over 50, both series provoke disorders risk factors of stroke, ending impotence.

Disease risk factors such as impotence

Doctors, specialist sexual dysfunction, decreased libido attention on the background of somatic diseases. For the treatment of illness and medications and themselves have a negative effect.

Therefore, before treatment, the doctor explains to the patient all the necessary about the tight fit of the dose, duration, and methods accepted. Otherwise, the risk of impotence increases.

The list of diseases dangerous for male power

In the first place between provocateur — pathology prostate – prostatitis, benign prostatic hyperplasia, tumor of rebirth. If a man has a disease discovered — as we treated him first, and then, make and increased power.

As a result of other diseases, sexual disorders include the following:


  • Deterioration of the microcirculation manifested increasing sugar. Decay products along testosterone directly affect erectile accompany diabetes.

Weak peripheral nerves

  • And lumbar injuries that occurs at the level of the spinal cord compression, nerve root herniation spine. After surgical removal, symptoms of dysfunction quickly the hernia is reduced.

Genital infection

  • Sexually transmitted diseases in the first place affects the structure of the prostate, seminal vesicles, urethra. Testosterone synthesized prostate inflammation produces recurrent deficit.

And thyroid problems

  • Business impotence occurs with imbalance, pituitary, and thyroid gland. First produced TSH (thyroid hormone), T4 in response to thyroid, then blood – T3. T4 high TSH what does this mean a comment or oncology is less growth hormone, and prolactin. As a result, the body a man earns, a woman features – at the level of abdominal obesity, gynecomastia, emotional liability. A comment Libido is greatly diminished.

Changes related to external sexual organs

  • For example, Peyronie's disease progresses, the fibrous component of the protein shell of the penis. Dense plaques in penis bend expressed pain syndrome and sexual accompaniment.

A critical age for a man of 50 years of age. Acute, severe disease. For all these reasons, primarily is reflected in its potency. Timely treatment minimizes complications later.

Impotence drugs on the way

Treatment of an underlying physical illness, can lead to undesirable results in the form of lowering of potency. For this reason, such a talent you have medications that need to be known, then not to think about it, but people with disabilities how to save power.

Disease Drugs
Chronic prostatitis Hormonal drugs prescribed in some cases of corruption in the background, the goal is to reduce inflammation – corticosteroids (inefficiency, non-steroidal drugs). Long-term intake, hormonal tablets marked reduction of sex hormones production.
Hypertension (high pressure) Beta-blockers may provoke increased synthesis of female hormones. Then cancel erection easily recovers.

The strength of ACE inhibitors may decrease.

Diuretics (diuretics). Not a short welcome there are complications, but long-term (more than 5 months of continuous intake) reduces sexual function.

The disease is urinary, and digestive system Narcotic analgesics. Long-term uncontrolled use why hypogonadism (testosterone deficiency).

Antacids. Requires careful use. Confirmed complications have not been proven, but the indirect effect cannot be ignored with the central nervous system.

Gastro-protective. Thyme normalize digestion as overdose can cause erectile dysfunction.

Allergy Someone side effects of antihistamine drugs — effect is not
Psycho-emotional disorders Effects with psychotropic drugs (antidepressants, sedative heavy) Why loss lack of sexual drive. Provokes uncontrolled intake of lack of orgasm.
Healing power

The power of sport as a tool to improve

To increase power in 50 years, in fact in terms of factors you need to figure out this situation. Depending on the type of chronic diseases determined tactical therapy. Just a pill increases your power, but at the same time exercise.

Classes re-synthesis features to increase male testosterone in the body.

Long walks

  • Motion stimulates an increase in blood and oxygen, stimulates metabolic processes. The workload necessary to create a long walk moderate density. This option is rarely attended a gym for men.
  • Strengthening notes, Nov rises the walls of the arteries, movement rate, blood. Small pelvis organs, blood and nutrients necessary for you to get eliminate the toxins.
  • Hiking, good background effects emotional, weight loss, depression, and fear let you give up antidepressant and sedative drugs, might be increased.

Nordic walking

Good physical fitness, Turkish bath, walking stick adjustable weight that allows you to. During exercise, the number of groups almost all of our brain, Nov, calories burned, 46% more than normal walking.

You can use such an option, man, who diminished the power of diabetes mellitus on a background.

Other activities

If you want instead of walking swimming, yoga, skiing. The effect will be positive in any way – NOV is saturated with oxygen, heart, running, active, normal weight, mood develops.

Weight lifting (powerlifting) are not recommended for the uneducated. Without the largest weights you can engage with professional men who only effects.

Nordic walking

Systematic physical exercise a beneficial effect on libido, which contribute to stable protection even after 50 potency in males.

How to reduce the impact stress?

Restore potency in men after the age of 50 that contains corrupted power complex consists of normalized stress, a daily medical Gymnastics, the intake of vitamins and trace elements.

Vitamin complexes

The pharmaceutical industry combines vitamins, appropriate male body. An important piece of them that make up for the lack of normal training androgen (vitamins Etc.) improve libido (tocopherol), quality of seminal fluid (folic acid). The internal energy increases, strength increases.

The composition of the complexes is determined that every item will fit a normal uniqueness. Defined the necessary courses to get them a doctor.

Offer an extensive list of pharmacies for vitamin enhancer in men over 50. Navigate price it's not worth buying, but the composition.

Feature a range of vitamins and unwanted effects of these drugs. Therefore, an independent assignment is dangerous and result in severe consequences.

Principles of rational nutrition

The first and most important rule, should be equal to the amount of calories normal. However, excess weight does not grow then.

Banned in products Allowed
  • fatty types of meat and fish;
  • meals high in salt content — the output from obstacles such as excess fluid from the body;
  • sugary drinks – they strengthen dehydration and swelling wouldn't be.
The basic diet, makeup, diet, meatless, weak salty foods:

  • chicken;
  • veal;
  • fresh vegetables;
  • grains;
  • fruit drinks, vitamin, and herbal teas.

For butter or frying is an unwanted situation, a better cook or stew.

Some products are accepted for affordable gain power through natural means. These are:

  • seafood;
  • turnip;
  • lemon, orange;
  • quail eggs;
  • chocolate;
  • avocado;
  • dates;
  • nuts;
  • celery.

Adding to their diet that will enhance the production of sex hormones hormonal balance back.



Increase in power after 50 years with exercise in the House. Medical the most effective forums have been selected:

  1. Twist hoop. Pelvic domain stimulates the flow of blood effectively.
  2. Step. Exercise is considered to be, if properly executed, the knee, tap the screen to experience the accommodation, including breast. This is difficult to do in the first place, but systematic exercise solve this problem.
  3. To do "the mill". This excellent exercise strengthens the back muscles.
  4. To upgrade your pelvis. To perform correctly, it is necessary, sleep, back, shoulder hugging, semi. Bendable knee, foot, heel, push your hips up to the nearest. These provisions raise the pelvis.

Total exercise time, but no more than 15 minutes. Therefore, you need to perform a series of every day.

Which potency of the drug again?

As a medication adjustment that are used for drugs (tablet form or ointments) and supplements.

Methods of traditional medicine

Recipes, traditional medicine, and also increasing the power of positive action is reinforced. Most to improve the protective characteristics, general health status:

Honey-nut mixture. Nuts shred, mix with honey in equal proportions to consume after breakfast every day.

Yesil magic tea. This teapot pouring tea leaves, add grated ginger, saffron, cloves and 1 Chichewa.

Ginger. This effectively any variation. Also useful to make a beverage at home. For this, finely cut ginger, pour boiling water to brew. Add honey if desired.

Folk recipes usually are safe. But before you apply public methods to eliminate intolerance components.

Doctors recommended

The urologist, the sexologist I believe the best medicine for enhancing reality – sex on the regular. An active sex life, especially 50 years of age, improves blood flow, internal organs, nourishing the heart and oxygen to the brain. Fun positive general emotional background that will influence hormones produced.

Special creams and gels, help diversify your love life, make innovation. Able to buy them on the internet or adult stores.


50 years to maintain the highest level of power can be:

  • The basics of harmony,proper nutrition,
  • restoration and maintenance of physical activity
  • vitamin intake
  • a timely treatment of chronic diseases

to provide healthy, happy life feel the power of chat with the Dear Woman and her man.